Conditions of Use

Before using Firstpi's (refered as "our company") Import services (refered as "our Services), you need to understand fully and accept the following agreement.

As a Customer of our Services (refered as the Customer), you need to be aware that when you request of our services you accept and agree to abide our Condition of Use.

Article 1 User Qualifications

Our Services is limited to Private Import only.

if you are a minor, you are requested to obtain the consent of a Guardian.

Article 2 Registration of User Information

In order to benefit of our services, it is necessary to register your Name in full, a valid address and phone number.

Article 3 Our Services and Method of Payment

Our services consist in receiption, classification, inspection, packing, and dispatch to Japan of products from China.

Settlement by Credit Card (Paypal)

When a Customer wishes to settle a payment by credit card, (henceforth "pay by card"), the Customer will pay all the expenses in connection to the purchase of the goods. It includes goods retail price, shipping fee, charges and taxes that may applied. All payments will be processed and charged in Japanese Yens ONLY.

Settlement by Bank Transfer

Customers having a bank account in Japan may transfer the required amount to the following bank account.

Japanet Bank, E-Bank, Mizuho Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ or Postal Banking

For Bank Transfer from Oversea please send you payment to the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Article 4 Restriction of Handling Load

There is no particular restriction concerning the DJ-Ning Arcade Style Controller.

Article 5 Disclaimation

We will support as much as possible, the troubles that may occurred between DJ-Ning and the Customer.

Our company is not concerned and does not take any responsability concerning troubles due to the delay of goods shipment.

Article 6 Compensation for Damages

We guarantee a compensation for damages caused during the transportation. It may be applicable and may limit the liability of carrier in respect of the damages, depending on the applicable regime. However, the real procedure should be proceed between the Customer and the Transportation Company.

Article 7 Change of User Agreement

Our company may change the agreement without any previous notification.

Article 8 Notification Method

Our company performs contacts about the status and tracking information of your order, mainly by email.

Article 9 Interruption of our Services

In order to maintain our services, when periodical maintenance check up of the system is performed, or in case of an emmergency such as natural disaster and that it becomes difficult to provide our service.
When an unavoidable reason arises, and that we judge that our company may interrupt or stop all or a part of these services.

Our company shall not take any responsibility about damages that may occur, when use of this service is interrupted or stops according to failure or bad condition of the system.

Article 10 Abolition of our Services

Our company shall abolish this service for the sake of our company's convenience at anytime.

Article 11 Agreement Jurisdictional Court

The Chinese Authorities are considered as the competent court for the first trial concerning any dispute that may occur between our company and the Customers.

Article 12 Effectiveness of this Agreement

Customers shall accept the effect of this agreement in acknowledgement of all this service Terms of Use by transmitting the required confirmation form from our site.