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Dj Ning is an arcade style controller compatible with BeatmaniaIIDX.
Connect it to PlayStation2 or your PC (Windows) and enjoy a real play at home.
DJ Ning is a ASC planned&developped in Japan.

A Promise of High-quality and High-Satisfaction.

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Japanese, English, French and Chinese Supported.

■Products Information

*Oct 1st, 2009
New Silencer Implementation Ver.4 released!

Experience our New Evolved Silencer Implementation. Durability and Static Sound improved.

*Oct 22nd, 2009 from 22:00 Japan STD time, Start accepting order for the Rainbow color LED for turntable.(Pictures available)
Automatic adjustable type Rainbow color LED also available. Check the video here

*Oct 27th, 2009
A full Review about the NRC-300 was published on bemanistyle.com.

*Feb 16th, 2010
New Plate released. Lighter and less slippery than before!
New option: Colored Case and Front Panel
Price down of options, ex:NRC-300 available from 37,000 yens.

■New Products Information

・EMPRESS plate under development.

Receive a " 1,000 yen discount electronic gift card" as a welcome gift for your registration!
You will receive the gift card through email.
Just follow the indications of your email and write down the coupon code number to obtain a 1000 yens discount on your order.

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