--About Transactions--

・What is DJ-Ning?
Dj Ning is an arcade style controller compatible with BeatmaniaIIDX, privately produced by Dr.Ning in China.
Connected to PlayStation2 or your PC, you can enjoy a real play at home.

・What is the difference between DJ-Ning and DJ- Dao?
The Producer is different. Dao has been produced by Mr.Dao also from China.

・What is the Flow of Transaction?
After you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email.

After you checked your order, please process to the payment of your order according to your selected.

You will received an email after confirmation of your remittance.

We will then send a request of manufacture of your order.

Order completed, checked. We will inform you when your order is ready to be shipped.

Order shipped from China.

Your order is delivered.

・How long will it take?
We cannot say exactly, because it all depends on the status of manufacture of Dr Ning.
But, it may take 1-2 months until your order is delivred.

・What is a Private Import Agency?
We order and take the required procedures in order to import your goods from China.
Repairings, modifications, and Silencer Implementations of the NRC Arcade Style Controller are performed in Japan, but we may not be able to respond to some of your requests due to the facts that we are not a store.

・How to settle the payment?
We accept Bank Draft and Credit Card through Paypal (Visa Master, JCB).
For payment settled by Cedit Card, you will be charge 4% of the total of your order by Paypal as a process fee.
Payment by Credit Card is available all over the world.(Except on mobile phone)

・Can Credit Card payment be processed by mobile phone?
Paypal does not support payment by mobile phone. To settle your order, please apply for your PC.
Some new mobile model are PC Site view compatible, and you may be able to process your payment from it, but this information is not confirmed.

・Which bank can I use for banking transfer?
Japan ONLY: Japanet Bank, E-bank, Mizuho Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, or Postal banking.
Other Countries: Please send your payment to The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

・Can orders be shipped to other countries than Japan?
Yes, orders can be shipped abroad. Please refer to our Shipping Cost here.

・I have moved, can I change the delivery address?
Yes, please inform us by email. Give us your Name, reference number of your order, and your new address.

・I want to modify my controller.
Please make a request by email. Please refer to About Modifications

・I didn't received any Order Confirmation email.
If you placed your order by mobile, please remove your domain refusal setting.
You may also check your Junk mail box.

・Can I request my order to be delivered at a specific time?
Request of a specific time for delivery is available only for orders that require a Silencer Implementation and that will be delivered in Japan. (In case of abscence, you can request a re-delivery of your order.)
Other orders are shipped directly from China and does not support specific time delivery services.
It is also not applicable for oversea orders.

・Do you accept Cash on Delivery?
No, we do not accept c.o.d because controllers are production-by-order products.

・Can I buy the DJ-Ning Arcade Style Controller directly from Dr.Ning?
Yes, if you live in China you can place an order directly.

-- Technical Support --

・What is the difference from the case used in Game Centers?
Although we tried to reproduce as much as possible the case used in game centers, the turntable touch and weight, the button keystroke are usually maintain by the game centers. So you may feel a little discomfort if compared to the controllers in the Game Centers.
The EMPRESS Turntable is still under development, and cannot be provided at the moment.(April, 2009)
We use the same microswitch as the one being used in the Arcade Case. (if you selected the Sanwa Microswitch button)

・What's the difference between the Sanwa Button and the Taiwan Button(China)
The Taiwan SwitchLab Button(made in China)tends to have a slightly harder key stroke than the Sanwa button.
It durability is 30% lower than the Sanwa Button.
Level of Satisfaction: Sanwa Button 100/100, SwitchLab Button 70/100

・I would like to buy the Sanwa Button, Omron Microswitch.
If you reside in Japan please place an order directly to the following sites:
Sanwa Denshi Co. Website
Omron Website(Omrom FA Store)
For oversea orders please send a request by email

・How to connect to Playstation2?
Please connect the exclusive terminal of PS2 and the USB cable mounted in PS2.

・How to connect with my PC(Windows)?(Assumes scenes like BMS etc.,)
Download the driver for Windows from the Driver Page. This driver is not compatible for Mac OS.
After you installed the drive, connect the USB Port and the Parallel Port.
If you use a laptop computer that doesn't have any Parallel Port, you will need to add a converter for the connection.
Here are some recommended converter.↓

Compatible with Sanwa JY-PSUAD1.

Elcom JC-PS101U.

We recommend the Sanwa JY-PSUAD1, but it may sometimes not be recognized from the OS or HDD. In case it cannot be recognized, you will need a USB Compatible Adaptor.
●Please be aware that we do garantee that the connection to PC will work with all the PCs.

・I want to change the turntable side
Please refer to the attached manual. You can also downlad it from the Download page.

・I want to change the plate's weight, or exchange it.
Please refer to the Manual that you can find in our Download Page.
If you cannot download it we can mail it to you for 150 JPY.

・When I move the plate, it makes a grating noise.
During the transportation, the plate may sometime float.
Which make the plate emit a grating noise or the plate float. In that case just push the plate from the top.

・The LED doesn't light up.
・The button doesn't show any reaction.

There is a possibility that the terminal has fallen out, with the shock during the transportation.
The fact is that it is difficult to avoid the damages because the products are shipped from oversea transportation.
It may be caused by a misconnection of the Terminal. Please check if the LED is connected.
Please contact us if you cannot manage to open the case.

・Tell me the content of the waranty.
You can request a repairing, free of charge, within 1 month after the delivery of your order to you.
You can extend the lenght of your warranty of 3 months for an extra fee of 5000 JPY.(Japan only)

--About Repairing--

・The Controller is broken
For customer in Japan, please send your controller to our Technology Center. (Tokyo)
Please send a photo showing the condition of the controller. (Requested by the transportation company)

・I want to request a repairing
The controller is broken and you want to request a repairing.
Please send a request by email and we will contact you back with an estimation.

・How will cost the repairing?
Repairing and shipping fee is free of charge if the request is sent during the validity of the warranty.
If you prefer to perform the modification by yourself, we will send you the required parts only.

About Repairing for Payment
You will be charged a Repairing fee for any request made after the warranty period.
Please send the controller to our Technology Center by EMS.
If you prefer to perform the modification by yourself, we will send you the required parts only.

・Repairing Service Fee
Basic fee 5,000 JPY
Shipping fee from Your Country to our Center.
●The controller will be returned to you by EMS.

・Repairing Duration
Please allow us 1 week to perform the repairing, however the duration may change according to the condition of your controller.
It may take a little longer in the case that we need to order special parts from China.

・For request for Countries other than Japan:
Please make your request by email

--About Us--

・What kind of company is Firstpi?
We import products from China. Beside controller, we also import various kind of electronics goods and suppliments.
We also export products made in Japan.
We provide Import service from Commercial to Private level.
Feel free to contact us.

Firstpi (Our main Site). For Commercial Import

Firstpi Private Import Agency (Private import of Suppliments and Stamina Drinks)

DJ DAO Arcade Style Controller, Japan Official Site

DJ Ning Arcade Style Controller, Japan Official Site