Privacy Notice

1.Scopes and Purpose of use of personal information

Your personal information will not be used for other purpose than:

・To process the import of your order, from China to your Country.
・To request your ideas, through a questionnaire, in order to improve our services.
・For contacts about the status and tracking information of your order by email.

2. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

・Unless requested from the People's republic of China or Japan Government, your personal information will not me disclosed to a third parties.

3.Management of personal information

Strict measures are taken in order to properly manage your personal information. We pledge to take the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction or falsification of your information.

4. Disclosure of personal information, correction and deletion

Disclosure, correction or deletion of your own personal information will be promptly processed in case of request. In addition, the use of your own personal information may be restrict in case of request.
Unless obliged by the People's republic of China or Japan Government, your personal information will be disclosed.

5. Use of statistical data such as surveys

To create statistical data in an inidentifable form, from the provided personal information. These created data will not be disclosed to a third parties, but rather will be used for our marketing investigation EIP. These data are supposed to be used without any restriction.

6. Ethics Compliance (Compliance Regulations)

Regarding laws about Personal Information, we promise to carry out social responsibilities according to the related regulations and guidelines.

7.Continuous content improvement

Review and improvement of the content in order to enforce the protection of personal information.